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Pre-Birth Acupuncture

What It Is:

A series of acupuncture treatments, using a standardized set of acupuncture points to help prepare the body for labour.

1 treatment per week, starting at week 37 until delivery


  • relaxes ligaments and softens the cervix

  • may help to reduce mean labour time

  • helps to improve blood circulation to pelvis

  • promotes relaxation

  • may help to reduce the use of medical inductions

  • may reduce the use of epidurals

Additional acupuncture points can be added to treat pregnancy-induced symptoms including, but not limited to:

  • heartburn

  • vomiting/nausea

  • sciatic pain

  • pregnancy-induced hypertension

  • stress and anxiety

  • fatigue

  • insomnia

Acupuncture, along with lifestyle and dietary modifications, is a great way to help the body prepare for labour. While the pre-birth plan is a standardized set of acupuncture points, during our consultation you will get a chance to let me know what other pregnancy or non-pregnancy related symptoms you may be having. Acupuncture points can be added depending on your presenting symptoms.

Book a consultation with me if you are interested in having your own Pre-Birth Acupuncture Plan!


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